We make it easy for you to integrate AutoLAN into your existing or new projects. You can establish a server in two lines of code and an auto-connect client in three lines of code!

Find other devices and let them find you automatically on local network. IP addresses and ports are handled for you automatically and invisible to your end user.

UDP is built for speed but not reliability. AutoLAN is built for both. We have designed a robust yet light weight network protocol designed especially for multiplayer gaming.

AutoLAN imposes no limit on the number of servers available on the same network nor does it have a limit on the number of clients a server can handle. AutoLAN empowers you to make a multiplayer lobby system effortlessly.

AutoLAN also allows you to transfer files bidirectionally from client to server and server to client in the background while still allowing space for normal network traffic. Send things like avatars, music files, or screenshots.

You can be notified when you receive acknowledgement packets from the receiver so you can drive your multiplayer game loop to keep from flooding the network and ensure important packets are not lost.

AutoLAN lets you set the balance between speed and reliability. We let you designate the important packets from the ones you can tolerate being lost. You cannot find this flexibility with a simple TCP connection and you cannot find this reliability with UDP.

New to multiplayer gaming? No problem!  Our documentation contains a full multiplayer game example that shows and explains important multiplayer topics such as dead reckoning and determinism. We even show you how easy it is to create a multiplayer game lobby system!

Everything is documented with well commented examples to help you along the way. If you run into any problems at all just send us an email or post on the Corona Forums. Just ask around, we are known for our quick and helpful support.