The Complete Lua IDE

Easiest to use. Feature packed.

Debug + Profile + Edit + Manage = Complete.


One click and you have variables, breakpoints, and callstacks.


Save time with code completion, symbols navigation, and refactoring.


Call graphs, hit counts, and performance charts is one click away.

The Debugger

  • Debug without any changes to your code.
  • One click debugging.
  • Set and remove breakpoints while app is running.
  • Variables streamed from the debugger are added to autocompletion.


Stop program execution and step through line by line to catch errors and verify behavior.

Jump To

Just double click on a variable or callstack frame to open it in the editor.


View variables as they appear in the simulator. Also edit and add watches.

The Editor

  • Enhanced look and feel
  • Customizable layout and dockable windows.
  • Fullscreen distraction free mode.
  • Easily write custom Lua SDK Plugins.

Code Complete

Smart code completion. All of the Corona SDK APIs are included. Code more. Type less!


Glider analyzes your code and finds all your functions and variables and displays an easy to use tree view.


Leverage the project manager to merge your favorite library files and art assets to keep things DRY.

The Profiler

Realtime Charts

Visualize your code's memory and CPU usage over time. Catch memory leaks and high CPU usage states.

Call Graph

See how functions talk to eachother to get a birds eye view of which ones are worth optimizing.

Performance Chart

Pinpoint exact functions and lines of code that are slowing down your program.

SDK's we support

You are welcome to become one of them.

Apps Made With Glider

Debug + Profile + Edit + Manage = Complete.

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