Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Glider?

If you purchased Glider, you can install Glider via the license file that you received with your purchase receipt. If you want to try out Glider, you can download the 30 day trial versions for windows and Mac.

How long is the Glider trial?

You can try out Glider for 30 days.

How many machines can I install Glider on?

You may install Glider on as many machines as you wish both Windows and Mac.

What other SDKs do Glider support?

In addition to Corona SDK, Glider also supports Gideros SDK, Moai SDK, Love2D, and Marmalade SDK.

What are the terms for the license?

The license is per developer. If you work with a team, please refer to the pricing chart to purchase your license.

How do I send bug reports?

Please upload bugs via help->upload logs.

How do I clear the user-directory?

You can clear the user directory via help-> user directory and delete contents of the folder.

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How do I get on the Partner's list?

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