Profiler Tutorial

Start Profiler

  • Simply click on the profile icon to start.
  • You should not need to make any changes to your code.
  • Your results will show up in a profiler tab and will refresh in real time.


  • You can monitor the memory and cpu usage of your project.
  • Analyze memory over time to spot leaks.
  • Investigate CPU spikes to help direct optimization.

Function Times

  • Self time is the amount of time spent in the function minus all calling functions.
  • Sort by percent time spent to pinoint bottlenecks.
  • Source code line is also shown on the left column.


  • Each time a line is encountered the hitcount is incremented.
  • Hitcounts gives you a feel for highly used lines of code.


  • Callgraph shows you a birds eye view of function connectivity.
  • Darker lines indicate higher number of calls.
  • Callgraphs can be used to pinpoint functions with high convergence are good targets for optimization.

Jump to Line

  • Double click on any row in function time and hitcount graphs to open up the line in the editor.
  • This is very useful to quickly navigate to bottleneck code.