Project Manager Tutorial


  • You can open the manger by right clicking on a project-> Set Configuration-> Customize.
  • Configurations are different versions of your project.

What are configurations?

  • You may rename configurations by double clicking the name.
  • You can also clone existing configurations to quickly make new versions of your app.

Adding external libraries

  • External libraries help you re-use commonly used code and assets.
  • You can also internationalize your images and sounds and easily put them into their own configurations.
  • Libraries are closely integrated with code completion.

Switching configurations

  • You can switch configurations via the menu next to the build icon.
  • The currently selected configuration is shown to the right of each project node.

Code insertions

  • Have you ever manually set an is_free flag? Doing so can be error prone and tedious. You can take the manual labor out of the picture by using the code insertion feathre.
  • These are simply small snippets of code that are inserted into the top of your main.lua file.
  • These are also a part of the configuration so you can easily make free and paid versions of your app this way.


  • The build process will merge your libraries and apply code insertion.
  • Debugger and profiler libraries are also stripped so they do not make it to your end product.
  • You can also choose to build all your configurations at once using the Build all configurations icon.