Performance Chart

Pinpoint exact functions and lines of code that are slowing down your program.


Memory Chart

See what functions and lines of code are allocating the most memory.


Memory Timeline

Visualize your memory allocation over time to see memory leaks.


Painless Integration

Profiler can be integrated into any Corona program with just two lines of code. And best of all, no changes to your code is necessary, all profiler functions are called automatically.

profiler = require "Profiler"; profiler.startProfiler();

Target Older Devices

CPU and memory resources are limited on a mobile device. Finding bottlenecks in your code can help you target even the slowest of mobile devices and help you get your app to as many customers as possible. Eliminating memory leaks will improve your program's stability and make it compatible on lower memory devices.

User Friendly

Click on the demo links above to see what a typical profiler result looks like. Very user friendly and gives you the information you need so you can maximize your productivity.

Tested and Proven

We used Corona Profiler to help our team optimize Space Conquest, originally an iPad-2 only game, to be compatible with slower handheld devices such as the iPod Touch 3g. We have also helped our clients optimize their code and have seen dramatic improvements on performance and memory. See the profiler result that helped us optimize our code in the demo above.

Cross Platform

Works on both Windows and Mac. Any HTML5 capable browser is supported. You can test if your browser is supported by trying out the live demos above.


What Customers are Saying

Your Corona profiler helps me to improve the performance of my game dramatically!!! I started from using 22 sec from 25 on PC) and now it 0,8-1,5 sec from 25. SUPER PERFORMANCE BOOST!

I just bought Corona Profiler and I have to say WOW!

outstanding, latest update works fine with subdirectories. Thanks for the quick fix!

THANK YOU M.Y Developer! for the amazing support you guys provide.