Stream Hardware Events

Stream Corona Display Objects

Record and Playback Macros

Debug Device Only Events from the Simulator

Transmits accelerometer, multitouch, compass, GPS, gyroscope, orientation, and hardware keys directly to the corona simulator allowing you to debug these events without having to compile for the device.

Macro Recording Capability

All events can be recorded with frame by frame accuracy and played back at any time during your development cycle. You can instantly test your new multitouch gesture recognition algorithm with a recorded macro saving you the hassle of doing it again. Events can be recorded away from the computer as well, just imagine not having to take a walk every time you want to test your GPS enabled code.

Google Earth Import

Now you can even use Google Earth to create GPS Paths. You can even have your clients make the paths for you and then test your code without ever leaving your doorstep.

Easy Integration

Integrate Ultimote into your new or pre-existing application with just two lines of code. No other changes of code necessary. To remove Ultimote for production builds, just remove one line. Automatically finds sever IPs/Ports saving you the hassle.

ultimote =require"Ultimote"; ultimote.connect();


Transmit periodic screenshots to the device to make your development a more interactive experience. Also with our realtime screen-synch technology you can transmit individual objects in real time to get even closer to actual user experience on the device without waiting for compilation

Library File Download

In order to use the application you must first download the library files and documentation.

Download Library Files Built with Corona SDK


What Customers are Saying

best third partytool ever for Corona SDK For Testing and Debugging one of the greatest tools ever. Worth every penny.

The level of support I received was excellent - on providing some sample code I literally received a fix within 1 hour! So I'd wholeheartedly recommend you purchase Ultimote to speed up your development process - a big thumbs up from me.

Ultimote has made my life so much easier - I'd go as far as to say it's been my best purchase in enhancing the standard Corona SDK.